Systems Automation and Management (SAM) is a dynamic business with offices in Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal, Northern Province and West Coast locally as well as internationally in Denmark.

We are leading suppliers of data acquisition systems and innovative automation solutions. SAM is one of the leading integrators of PLC's, SCADA's and Fieldbus systems in South Africa.

Currently we employ engineers and technologists with vast knowledge and experience in industrial automation.

SAM Mech is a division SAM specialising in mechanical design, 3-D modeling and machine manufacture.

REMOTEWORX M2M "Build your own applications"



Connect consumer products to the cloud, then manage them with real-time data.

From existing control systems to other apps and products to create new revenue models and drive efficiencies with usage analytics.

Capture real-time data from smart sensors or tags in your products.

The fourth industrial revolution, or industry 4.0 as it has been dubbed will integrate products that produce themselves.

Smart factories and consumer electronics is not the realm of science fiction anymore.




Call for a specialised team that will assist you with your requirements.

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